The current UK government seems reluctant to introduce any sort of sensible cannabis reform. Despite this opinion there are mp's, healthcare providers, activists, and everyday voters who are calling for the legalisation of medical and even adult-use cannabis in the United Kingdom. 

Regardless of the current UK governments war on drugs, the technology sector related to the cannabis industry is on the rise, and businesses are making the most of cannabis growth around the world. Like all technologists, futurists and industry leaders, it was inevitable they would find themselves in a conference center. Israel offers full government subsidies for medical marijuana use. So it's a natural fit for an Israeli company to be the organisers of an event where leaders in the cannabis industry come together to discuss the future.

Support for cannabis legalisation in the United Kingdom is at an all-time high. While Israel and the world move forward with the medical, financial and societal benefits of legal cannabis, the United Kingdom still struggles with leaders stuck in an antiquated and selfish mindset towards this plant.

Due to the growing support for reform, it seems almost overdue that Britain holds its first-ever medical cannabis conference. Although other countries including Germany and Spain are far more progressive in their attitude toward cannabis. For example Spain is currently doing excellent cannabinoid research and Germany legalised medical this past March. Having said that, Saul Kaye stated that "CannaTech never shies away from medical cannabis discussions that may be provocative or dialogue that may be difficult. Having frank conversation in a conservative country such as the UK where opinions are often polarized is an opportunity we relish.” 

When asked if worried the conference may upset anti cannabis parties in the UK who may be opposed to the idea of medical cannabis in the United Kingdom, Kaye said that should never be a concern. “Why should anyone object to open, civil discourse on a hot-button topic that could, with proper regulation and oversight, change the world of medicine? We specifically chose a parliamentary society such as the UK because we recognized the country’s history of encouraging debate,” he said. 

“Dialogue is the key to normalization, so I welcome government officials to come and learn, so they can make accurate and informed decisions as to the future of medical cannabis in the UK. I also invite any naysayers to come and learn about the proven success stories and untapped potential of medical cannabis.”

Canna tech is a showcase for a global industry that is not only growing at a rapid pace, but is inevitable with its potential to be one of the largest growth industries this century. This is a multi-billion pound industry that the UK government continues to down-play. Regardless, it's great to see technology and innovation around the world not pausing to wait for the United Kingdom to catch up in policy. 

The main event day devoted some time to understanding the current cannabis landscape in Europe as a whole. A day before the show, there was a “pre-event investor symposium” that focused primarily the business and financial side of things and to understanding the ins-and-outs of investing in the cannabis industry.

The focus of the main event was primarily on the medical cannabis sector, but the point was to get everyone together. It will take this sort of unity from the industry to continually force the topic of reform in a sensible way. This is something that was also touched on by Mike Harlington of the CTAUK during his informative talk. Whilst at cannatech the overall sentiment I got from the event was that it was a necessary and exciting way to get everyone working towards a better future in the same room. Collaboration and setting industry standards, as well as sharing robust innovation and advances in technology and policy. Not only that, but advancing cannabis technology and innovation on a global scale is obviously an exciting theme.

Some of the speakers at the event include Jason Reed from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK, Chuck Rifici from Canadian cannabis investment company Cannabis Wheaton, Tracy Ryan and Vidal ids and his father also gave personal and heartfelt talks on their experiences and successes with cannabis.

"CannaTech was a fascinating, educational experience. Attendees from all over the world discussed the most advanced cannabis technology in the world. The conference did a great job of looking at cannabis from a global perspective, something that many of the events fail to do. 

The world is watching the Israeli market and the incredible innovation that is coming from there, especially with the government supporting cannabis as a medical plant. The excitement surrounding new regulations that will allow cannabis export from Israel was palpable. 

The CannaTech Conference in the United Kingdom took place on October 25-26 in London, England. 

We are already looking forward to the next one!