OK this is a question we get asked a lot. So, in this brief article we will try to dispel any fears people may have and talk a little about the CTAUK (Cannabis trades association U.K)

Firstly, CBD oil has been available for many years in the UK. This is primarily because hemp is legal in the UK if you have been granted a license. There are some obvious restrictions around the THC content, which for now must remain at 0.2% or below. Products containing more than this amount are (strictly speaking) considered illegal. (All of our products fall within this legal limit.

The controversy surrounding cannabis particularly Hemp really is quite strange. Hemp is a naturally occurring plant that has little to no intoxicating potential and has literally thousands of positive uses as well as being environmentally friendly. I think most people would agree now (having access to more information about the numerous health benefits of hemp) that it was a huge mistake to try and prohibit access to this powerful ally on the road to all round health and that It should never have been made illegal recreationally, medically or otherwise.

In early October 2016, the Medicines and Healthcare product’s Regulatory Agency (MHRA) issued a notice to a number of CBD suppliers stating that (CBD) was being designated as a medicine and that sales of all CBD products must stop within 28 days.

They then issued a follow-up statement towards the end of October confirming that this was just an opinion and that it was only products that are marketed for medical purposes that would be affected. This effectively meant that it was only those that are marketed for medical purposes that would require regulatory approval to continue to make medical claims.

This unsurprisingly lead to great confusion among consumers in the UK as to the legal status of CBD and whether these products would still be available. This confusion was then compounded by numerous false reports of CBD being banned in the media.

These events lead to the formation of the CTAUK (Cannabis Trades Association U.K) which was formed with the intention of protecting peoples access to CBD and hemp based products as well as the businesses supplying them. 

The CTAUK then met with the MHRA on 3rd November 2016 in Victoria, London. The meeting lead to an understanding by the MHRA that the association was a professional body trying to unite an industry behind a set of industry practices and standards.

The CTAUK is working with the MHRA to ensure a fair standard is produced that allows for the sale of CBD as a food supplement, up to an agreed daily dosage.

The CTAUK obtained legal advice including which was shared with the MHRA. The association is working with all companies in the industry to promote the case for a fully regulated market.

As a member of the CTAUK we endeavor to work with other members towards the common goal of high standards of compliance.

The Association members have gotten together to create a body that aims to eliminate bad practice and to ensure that member businesses continue to trade legitimately and ethically within the CBD sector. Until now this effort has focused on the CBD oil market, but the association and members view also includes hemp and hemp products which are all legal definitions of the cannabis plant.

The members have agreed to uphold these standards based around the principles of fair and trading conditions, allowing members of the public to know who they are dealing with, displaying correct and proper business information, ensuring they trade legally with respect to insurance and above all fairness. No member of the Association will make medical claims nor provide medical or medicinal advice. Lastly no member will slander another members’ business.

We are a group of honest businesses who believe that Hemp and Cannabis products have the power to revolutionise and improve modern life. Above all we believe it is of paramount importance to change some of the preconceived and largely incorrect notions based around decades of misinformation and prejudice.

So, to conclude and wrap this up as simply as possible. It is currently perfectly legal to purchase CBD and most hemp products in the U.K and with the continued hard work of everybody involved we hope that it will remain that way.