CBD Oil – Your Questions Answered!

CBD oil is a hot topic of conversation at the moment all across the globe, especially in places like the US, Europe, Canada and in the United Kingdom.

Also known as Cannabidol oil, this relatively new product has caused a huge amount of buzz around its preceived health benefits and whether or not it could have medical applications.

Being a UK based provider of CBD puts us in a bit of a tricky spot regarding claims about health benefits it may (or may not possess due to strict regulation.

This is why you will not see any information on our website pertaining to health claims because, at this moment in time, unlike many other countries worldwide, we are not allowed to make any claims relating to health benefits you may experience from taking it.

In spite of this the publicity it gets is growing by the second, and the number of people who try, and swear by it, is massively on the increase.

So you've heard about it but you're still not quite sure what it is or if it is for you, don't worry, many people are in this boat and as such we have written this informative article to help you make informed decisions as you move towards your first CBD experience.


What is CBD?

CBD is one of the most important out of the 104 chemical components found in the marijuana or cannabis plant.

CBD is not psychoactive like other components of marijuana, and that makes it the ideal option for people looking to consume cannabis in a way that won't inhibit their ability to function as they would normally.

In the UK, and many other countries it is entirely safe to consume and perfectly legal. You will not experience any of the mind-altering effects that cannabis or marijuana are famed.

Are There Health Benefits?

Many countries (where regulation regarding the health benefits of CBD are less strict than in the UK) believe that CBD could hold the key to helping a number of ailments, largely because once consumed CBD runs in the bloodstream as such can pass through every organ in the body.

In the US CBD has become a revelation and many innovative products are being marketed to the health and wellbeing industry.

There are even CBD products now being marketed towards dogs, well their owners really, unless of course the dog in question has cash on the hip and the ability to pay for such products (quite possibly not).

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is born by extracting the CBD compound from the plant and treating (or diluting) it with a carrier oil. The main oils used in the process are hemp seed or coconut oil but others have been used.

CBD oil can come in many different forms and strengths with CBD oil drops, capsules and crystal isolate being among the most popular.

All the above versions of CBD are taken orally and always read the label or follow advice on dosage.

CBD oil (again in the United States mainly) has been used on children who suffer seizures, you may have seen the viral video online, although we cannot vouch for the validity of these claims the viral video, it certainly indicates that the CBD oil has been very effective in treating the seizures.

Recently The Independent reported a similar case in the UK whereby a child was actually prescribed cannabis oil to treat his seizures, the first case of it's kind in the UK, see here - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/billy-caldwell-cannabis-oil-boy-seizures-stopped-cured-prescription-medical-marijuana-a7933066.html

Frequently asked CBD questions

If you are thinking to give CBD oil a try, you are probably have a few questions you'd like answered by the professionals.

Lets have a look at some of the main concerns and questions that people have prior to starting down the path towards using CBD.

Is it safe?

Although it is a safe and legal product moderation is still key, if you ate 12 bananas you'd feel pretty sick, the same applies if you drank a whole bottle of CBD oil.

As mentioned above, adhere to dosage recommendations and there will be no adverse effects whatsoever.

Does it show up on drug tests?

With more and more companies requiring you take a drug test whilst under their employ, the purpose of these drug tests is to detect if an employee has high levels of THC (or other restricted compounds) in their bloodstream.

THC, also known as Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the main component in cannabis and is responsible for the mind altering states people experience. This substance can dramatically alter the senses and the perception, and might make you unfit to function on the job.

Let’s establish something from the beginning - CBD is not the same as THC.

Using CBD hemp oil products is totally safe and would not make you fail a drug test.

As we mentioned above, the extraction process removes the CBD from the rest of the compunds in cannabis, although their may still be tiny amounts of THC left over from some extraction processes this would again not make you fail a drug test.

With that in mind, you need to be absolutely sure that you are consuming a CBD product that has been expertly extracted using the best methods and scientific screening.

We have heard cases of CBD products that still have high levels of THC in them despite the packaging indicating otherwise. In instances like this then a failed drug test could well become a reality.

This brings us neatly onto...

How can you tell the good CBD Oils from the bad CBD Oils, or even fake CBD Oils?

Getting to know the true content of your CBD Oil product can be a lot harder than it initially seems.

The FDA discovered that there were numerous products available on the market that contained high levels of THC and other adulterants. They recommend buyers to be extremely careful when selecting their CBD oils, and make a well-informed decision.

Note that many companies were not totally honest when creating their labelling and packaging, so they nsomehow “forgot” to add all the ingredients on the label. Reading the label is not enough when buying CBD oils.

In truth, any company that is providing a high quality product will regularly test their oil and provide indepently veried evidence to that effect, like ourselves.

We regularly test our product to ensure it is the highest grade CBD oil available in the UK. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you pay a cheap price, expect a cheap product.

It is not any easy process to expertly extract CBD and infuse it in oil without contaminates becoming present, is it worth that risk for the sake of £30 or £40?

Can CBD Turn into THC in the stomach?

Just like many of us, you might have heard rumors that CBD has the potential to turn in THC. The good news is this is not the case. The rumours started flying around after the conversion process was made possible in under strict scientific conditions, under strict surveillance, Not inside anyones stomach, or any other part of their body for that matter.

CBD will never convert to THC when exposed to gastric acid, so no need to worry!

Natural Whole Plant CBD vs Synthetic?

This is a really important one for us because we are strong believers that their is no substitute for the real thing.

Let us explain the difference, while natural whole plant CBD is derived directly from hemp plants or cannabis, synthetic CBD is made in lab conditions under strict supervision.

While whole plant extract is always better than synthetic, more and more companies are trying to perfect the synthesis of man made CBD and try to replicate the natural counterpart.

So far though it appears that even though the science behind it is getting stronger, synthetic CBD can still come with some quite serious side effects that aren't associated with the natural whole plant CBD.

Some of the reported side-effects are slight agitation, tremors, confusion, lethargy, abnormally rapid heart rate and sometimes even death.

No deaths have been reported due to over use of natural whole plant CBD, but there have been claims of up to 15 deaths due to overconsumption of synthetic CBD.

According to many studies into this, the natural compound can cooperate with numerous smaller phytocannabinoids and non-cannabinoid compounds, while the synthetic compound does not interact in the same way and as such has no other compounds to cooperate with.

At MCU Botanicals we have found a way to merge science with nature in order to give you the purest, highest-quality CBD oils.

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