CBD and CBDa? What is the difference?

It goes without saying that these days most people have heard of CBD and all its potential uses? Everyone seems to be talking about it and promoting it and this is great, but while a lot of medical and media attention has been on the qualities of the cannabis compound known as CBD, its acidic precursor (CBDa) is now gaining popularity as well.

So what is CBDa?

 It is the raw compound, known as cannabidiolic acid, contained within the cannabis plant. CBD is the derivative form, resulting when heat is applied to CBDa and it becomes CBD. For this reason CBD and CBDa have very similar properties, as CBDa is the acidic precursor to CBD.

CBDa differs from CBD in some interesting ways though....

For starters CBDa is raw and acidic and is usually obtained by juicing or cold pressing the raw plant leaves or just consuming them in salads or on their own. CBD however is usually heated in a variety of ways such as baking, being burnt when smoked or just being heated when vaped. Neither CBD or CBDa are psychoactive and can be consumed in large quantities without danger of toxicity. 

How to use CBDa

Unfortunately most people will find it hard to gain regular access to high quality fresh cannabis that is low in THC, for juicing or to eat. (Although we recommend you try them if you get the chance!) So the best way round this is to use a concentrated cold processed extract to gain all the same benefits in an easy to use form. Our CBDa based products contain the majority of the same raw compounds as raw juiced cannabis, but in a simple to administer way.

The “Entourage Effect”

The health benefits of CBDa indicate that it works well in conjunction with the other cannabinoids, including CBD, in what is known as the “entourage effect.” This is a type of holistic approach where the sum of the parts has a greater effect than when used individually or when all forms of the plant work together for even greater efficacy. It is for this reason that all our CBDa products contain almost equal amounts of CBD. To further maximise the benefits of the entourage effect.

Our CBDa Products

With any plant based remedy it is essential to only use plants that are free of pesticides and other contaminants. This is no different with cannabis use.