What Is The Entourage Effect?

The ‘entourage effect’ is a term first coined by THC/CBD Professor Raphael Mechoulam. It describes how THC and other cannabinoids produce different effects depending on the mixture and the dosage. Combined, these compounds can produce a variety of therapeutic benefits. However, the same effect cannot be achieved by single compounds in isolation.


Research continues into this field and while certainly not complete, this research indicates that Mechoulam’s theory has some legitimacy. To truly capitalise on the medicinal benefits of THC, CBD and other extracts of the cannabis plant, they need to be used in tandem.


CBD & THC-The Perfect Balance


Research further suggests that CBD and THC have the ability to counterbalance each other. When used in conjunction, the painkilling properties of these compounds have greater potency and stronger efficacy. Not only that CBD can cancel out some of the negative psychoactive effects of THC such as anxiety and paranoia.


Full Spectrum CBD Oil      


Based on Professor Mechoulam’s findings, a ‘whole plant therapy’ treatment is preferable to using isolated compounds. Full spectrum CBD oil combines a ‘full spectrum’ of cannabinoids to promote a more balanced experience on the body. To better understand this, think of conventional wisdom regarding consumption of food. Most nutritionists advocate a balanced diet of pulses, meat, vegetables and fruit. Nutritionists also note that by only consuming certain food types (meat, no veg and vice versa), you run the risk of adverse effects on your health. At the very least, you are missing out on the complete nutrition and holistic health benefits of a comprehensive diet.


Another example is the popular use of vitamin supplements vs multivitamins or fruit and vegetables. Whereas fruit and vegetables contain a number of vitamins, a lot of supplements are mere extracts of isolated vitamins and lack the healing capabilities of a good balanced diet consisting of berries, citruses, roots and greens for example. In reality there are so many common everyday examples of how combined compounds promote balance, think of fatty acids, minerals and proteins. Think of the oft repeated and valid advice to eat in moderation and exercise. Balance is part of life, isolation is ill advised in most things.


Open the history books and you will see how the great nations of the past advocated treatments comprised of a variety of plants, seeds and other natural produce. Full spectrum CBD oil has it’s roots in this tradition. The compounds in full spectrum CBD oil are extracted from the plant itself without any synthetics meaning all the vitamins, protein, carbohydrates and other vital elements remain intact along with the holistic benefits of the THC, CBD and the other derivative compounds of Cannabis as a whole.


In contrast by using isolated compounds, there are potential risks, the very least of them being loss of the full benefits and the inability to achieve the entourage effect. Full spectrum CBD oil promotes better absorption of the compounds and minimisation of possible negative side effects. In other words, balance is always better.