Why You Can 100% Trust Our GMP Certified CBD products

Because we place the utmost importance in high quality and safe products, all our products are GMP certified. We want you, the customer to have the best possible experience from our CBD oils and to fully enjoy the benefits of high quality cannabidiol oil. In this article, we will explain what is GMP certification, why it is important and other pertinent issues related to health and allergies you should be aware of before using CBD oil. 


What Is GMP Certification And Why Is It Important?


GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice. As explained by Gov UK, GMP is:


“the minimum standard that a manufacturer must meet in their production processes.”


For a product to gain GMP certification, it must conform to the highest quality standards, suitable for it’s intended use and be up to marketing authorisation standards. To meet GMP compliance requirements, a rigorous and thorough set of regular inspections are conducted by the appropriate regulators.


For this reason, you can rest assured that any product compliant with good manufacturing practice is safe to use so long as guidelines are followed. Everyone understands the potential harms of household items like bleach if used the wrong way. By following the instructions and being aware of potential risks, they can be avoided. GMP certified CBD oil minimises any possible risk as long as users are aware of proper usage.



How To Use CBD Oil Safely


Before using cannabidiol oil, you need to be aware of any medical conditions that may cause an allergic reaction. One such example of potential allergies is MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity). MCS Aware explains this condition as:


“a chronic, physical illness affecting people of all ages and backgrounds. It causes sufferers to have allergic-type reactions to very low levels of chemicals in everyday products. Put simply the immune and detoxification systems stop working properly and the body cannot process toxins efficiently.”


In circumstances like this, extreme caution should be exercised. Try starting off with very small doses of CBD oil while monitoring any effects.




Terpenes are chemical compounds found in a wide range of plant life ranging from honey to citrus fruit and hemp. They can produce an allergic reaction in some cases. If you suffer from terpene allergy, you could try our 98% CBD which has very low levels of terpene. If you continue to experience problems, contact us about terpene free options and we will endeavour to do our best to source them for you.


Why Our Products Cost A Little Extra


Our products cost that little bit more because we spend hours of time and large amounts of resources to ensure they are safe and free of toxins. Every customer is entitled to the best cannabinoid oil experience, free from worries about harms to health. We accept nothing less but the highest purity and the very best quality so we can pass it on to our customers. Check out our FAQs for more information on our products.