At MCU Botanicals our primary focus is to research and develop innovative and quality hemp extracts and to make them accessible to the general public.

Using our training in organic chemistry and botany, we have developed MCU BOTANICALS CBD oil extracts using the versatile and eco-friendly industrial hemp plant that has been grown globaly and used for a wide variety of applications for over a recorded 5000 years

Quality control is central to our quest to bring our customers the very best CBD and hemp products nature and science can offer. It’s why we follow strict laboratory industry standards throughout our entire production process, and ensure our hemp is grown to meet exacting, biodynamic agricultural standards.

The hemp we harvest at MCU Botanicals brings with it the most dedicated staff and advanced tools in the world –above and beyond those commonly available at public or commercial laboratories. MCU Botanicals start with the best seeds nature can create.

Our non-GMO hemp plants are painstakingly hand-selected, and gently harvested and dried under optimal conditions.

Every batch of hemp oil created at MCU Botanicals is tested thoroughly to ensure that our products are free from pesticides, herbicides, molds, heavy metals, and other sadly common contaminants. We utilize HPLC, an industry standard, as well as an advanced nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology to monitor the oil composition at all points in the production process. We go this extra mile to provide our customers with peace of mind and confidence that they have purchased the finest quality hemp products in the world. Along with this we also keep samples of all batches we manufacture for post retail testing if it is required.

All products are non GMO, organic , produced and manufactured to a food and laboratory grade standard using the following protocols: ISO 14001:2004 certification, ISO 9001:2008 certification, HACCP certified, GMP certified

We grow our hemp in Northern Europe with low lying land and existing fertile soils, a partially favorable climate (winter frost + warm and sunny summer with rainfall over the average) 

Europes many years of cultivation experience have created a unique management/quality system in the continent, which is highly systematized and coordinated in its efforts to handle soil and groundwater contamination. Regulations in the E.U have long since made soil quality an area of great consideration, both in farming and other industries.

Method of extraction

MCU Botanicals hemp oil is extracted using a supercritical fluid extraction process where a harmless inert carbon dioxide gas is purged through the stalk and stems of industrial hemp. The extraction can be processed further by means of hot or cold filtering to purifiy the product and increase potency even further. These extraction processes allows us to have complete control over the molecular structure of these oils without damaging delicate terpenes and cannabiniods and can also be employed to improve the flavour, odour and colour of the extracted product without altering the basic chemical structure of the cannabinoid rich Hemp oil. During extraction, co2 is purged at low atmospheric pressures which causes the co2 to turn into a liquid state extracting  the cannabinoids and terpenes and allowing them to maintain molecular stability as apposed to inferior extraction methods that use dangerous solvents, heat and chemicals to extract these oils thus resulting in an inferior degraded product and possibly containing dangerous by products within these oils. Although hemp oil contains powerful indigenous antioxidants tocopherols, often an antioxidant is added to the oil to extend its usable shelf-life and prevent oxidation during storage.

Hemp stalks accumulate considerable amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol).

There are at least 85 different cannabinoids isolated from hemp, exhibiting varied effects, however cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) are the major constituents of the plant.

Pesticide Analysis

Our tests looked for residue of nearly 300 known pesticides finding no evidence of any over detectable limits.

MCU Botanicals employ third party laboratory tests to analyze our products thoroughly. Nearly 300 of the below pesticides concentrations were measured and we are proud to say that all tests measured below our detectable limits. Most tests have a threshold of 0.01 mg/k, while only a handful of tests have a threshold value of 0.00

Our laboratory analysis is certified and all products are produced and standardised to a food and pharmaceutical grade standard using the following protocols;

ISO 14001:2004 certification

ISO 9001:2008 certification

HACCP certified

GMP certified 

Generally, there is a lack of consistent quality control in the hemp industry. There are no standards or objective, professional, appropriately trained third parties regulating the cannabinoid industry, even though many believe there are. Legislators are relying on hemp hobbyists or under-qualified scientists – often with no background in the botanical science of the hemp plant nor, most damningly, in food safety – to determine standards for this massive new industry.

Most laboratories have limitations and difficulties conducting reliable quality testing on hemp – limitations that can only be remedied by significant investment in both emerging high technology and experienced organic chemists.

Unfortunately, many products on the market contain residual pesticides, herbicides, mold, fungi, heavy metals, and even dangerous and overlooked mycotoxins. Yet few are willing to invest in cutting-edge analytics because the public is largely unaware of the rampant and dangerous lapses in hemp product quality, and yet their sales have not been affected. Understanding this sad fact of life in the hemp industry, we have invested enormous amounts of time and resources into quality assurance and quality control. Constant improvement is our eternal goal to ensure precision, accuracy, and repeatability in our agricultural and product testing approaches. MCU Botanicals never cuts corners, and uses as many tests as are available. We currently screen for over 300 pesticides, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. While we use equipment unavailable to most, every batch of product is verified by independent cGMP certified labs that crosscheck our results

We do all of this because our mission at MCU Botanicals is to lead the hemp industry, becoming the gold standard for hemp analytics and quality assurance, so that more people will benefit from the nutritional properties of cannabinoids. We do this knowing that when we raise the bar for quality, the benefits of our mission are shared with all current and future hemp product users.

Our sincerest hope is that the hemp industry will elevate their standards in order to raise consumer expectations and demand for higher quality and, ultimately, greater public accessibility. Until that day comes, MCU Botanicals will share our expertise and knowledge via partnerships so as to ensure that the industry is delivering on its promises of quality and consumer safety.

MCU Botanicals will continue to set the standard for cannabinoid product quality. Our goal is to always provide the gold standard for natural, laboratory grade products made from hemp oil rich in CBD, and to eventually expand our product offerings to include novel cannabinoids, additional full-spectrum oils, water soluble cannabinoids and other botanical cannabinoid extracts for consumer markets.

Our access to cutting-edge technology, our commitment to research and product development, and the collaborative regulatory environment within the EU ensures that we will continue to grow and expand our offerings and capabilities, always keeping our humanitarian mission at the forefront of our business and no matter what we put ethics before profits.